What is the size of the Fund?   The 9 Members of the Fund have contributed a total of $1,445,000 over 3 years.  


Why is this Fund needed?   The Nonprofit Repositioning Fund offers a thoughtful, professional process for organizations to look within and challenge themselves to be more effective, as well as to obtain financial and technical resources to better respond to a rapidly changing external environment.   A number of other regions across the country operate similar pooled funds dedicated to repositioning activities, and their positive experience has helped to inform the development of this Fund. We have the benefit of support from the nation’s most experienced funder in this area – the Lodestar Foundation, based in Arizona.  


What is the end game here? What will the benefits be?   We have three primary objectives:

  1. To provide funding support for thoughtful exploration and implementation of formal collaborations between and among nonprofits;
  2. To routinize the consideration and practice of repositioning activities as an important strategic option for nonprofit leaders, boards and funders; and
  3. To further develop the Philadelphia region’s capacity to provide wise and experienced technical assistance to nonprofits exploring these collaborative opportunities.

How large will the grants be?   Although actual grant amounts will depend on the specifics of each transaction, there are 2 types of grant support:

  • Exploratory Grants (up to $40,000)
  • Implementation Grants (up to $100,000)

Will organizations be expected to move through both stages of funding support?   No. While each type of funding request will be considered independently (as opposed to being part of a formal continuum from exploratory to implementation), it is anticipated that some organizations may receive an implementation grant following an exploratory grant. It is also anticipated that after conducting thorough exploratory work, some collaborative projects will not proceed to implementation based upon the due diligence findings of the exploration.  


What kinds of projects are eligible for a grant?   Grant support can only be used to cover the necessary one-time, out-of-pocket costs incurred in exploring or implementing a repositioning activity. Although these costs may be modest compared with the potential benefits of the collaboration, they often become stumbling blocks, in part because most funding is tied to programs and is therefore unavailable for process-related costs.   In rare instances, the Fund will also consider dissolution planning for individual nonprofits (i.e., a dissolution that does not transpire in conjunction with a merger/acquisition).   The Fund will provide grants to support nonprofits to identify and engage well-qualified outside technical assistance (TA) providers. The Fund will retain and share – upon request from interested nonprofits – an active list of TA providers with demonstrated experience working on nonprofit collaborations. While the Fund will not recommend a given TA provider, it does retain the right to turn down a proposal if the consultant is not deemed to be appropriate for the given request.  


Will applying for a grant raise a red flag to participating funders?   No. The participating funders believe that nonprofit boards, leaders and funders should routinize the consideration and practice of repositioning activities as an important strategic option for nonprofit leaders, boards and funders.   Organizations that make the decision to undertake the hard work of exploring such repositioning activities should be acknowledged, encouraged and supported by funders.  


What if I still don’t want my funders to know that we’re exploring these options at such an early stage?   In the early stages of discussion, the Director will manage external inquiries from interested nonprofits on a confidential basis, as requested. However, no Exploratory or Implementation Grants will be made on an anonymous basis. Therefore, if a grant application is submitted and the Director recommends a grant to the Governance Committee, prospective grantee names will be disclosed to the Committee for their grant consideration. Until that time, however, they may remain anonymous to the Members.  


How do I apply to the Fund?   Review the Application Requirements, and if you believe your organizations may qualify for support, please contact Nadya to discuss your concept.  


Is there a Letter of Intent process (LOI)?   No. But organizations considering applying to the Fund must first contact the Director to discuss their project in advance of submitting an application.  


Will there be grant application deadlines? 

Applications accepted on a monthly basis. 


2018 Application Deadlines

  • January 16, 2018
  • February 26, 2018
  • April 2, 2018
  • May 15, 2018
  • June 18, 2018
  • July 30, 2018
  • September 10, 2018
  • October 15, 2018
  • December 3, 2018



What if I want to know more about whether we qualify for funding support?   Please contact the Director of the Repositioning Fund, Nadya K. Shmavonian. Nadya can be reached by phone at: 215-790-9700 ext.16. Her email is: repositioningfund@gmail.com.