A new report has been released by the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund – The Financial Health of Greater Philadelphia Nonprofits. This report, based upon an analysis of 2018 IRS 990 data conducted by BCT Consulting, provides an important glimpse into the financial health of our region’s nonprofits before facing into the exceptional challenges of 2020.  It also provides trend data, as it was designed to update a 2017 report supported by the Philadelphia Foundation – The Financial Health of Philadelphia-Area Nonprofits. These two reports provide the basis for continued analysis of the financial health of our region’s nonprofits – a sector comprised of over 14,000 organizations, many of which are struggling to survive. 


The findings provide a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders, board members, funders and regional observers to review comparative organizational analyses by sub-field (e.g., health, arts & culture, human services), as well as by size. This useful tool supports efforts of individual organizational leaders and boards to benchmark their financial performance within a comparable pool – a common for-profit industry practice.  If we are to see a thriving community of social purpose agencies emerge from the current crisis, it will take the collective imagination and coordination of all of these actors. 


Click the image below to read and download The Financial Health of Greater Philadelphia Nonprofits.