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The nonprofit sector is of fundamental importance to the Greater Philadelphia region. With a total of over $11 billion in annual wages, the sector is one of the major economic drivers of the region’s economy.  


Despite an active and vibrant regional nonprofit sector, some of the region’s individual organizations struggle with issues of insufficient scale, duplication of effort, undefined leadership succession, limited public and private sources of revenue, and high back-office costs. In the face of these challenges, nonprofits may find it difficult to achieve their missions in meaningful and measurable ways.  


In recent years, individual funders in the region have supported many long-term collaborations to help Greater Philadelphia’s nonprofits secure and strengthen themselves. Based on this experience, and in response to requests from the nonprofit community, these and other funders are now pooling their resources in the Repositioning Fund in order to achieve greater impact.

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The Fund seeks to:

  • Provide funding support for thoughtful exploration and implementation of formal long-term collaborations between and among nonprofits;
  • Learn from and elevate examples of successful collaborations as a means to inspire further market movement in a rapidly changing external environment;

  • Further develop the region’s capacity to provide wise and experienced technical assistance to nonprofits exploring these collaborative opportunities;
  • Model collaboration as a group of funders unified around a vision – and pooled funding – to strengthen the region’s nonprofit sector through strategic alliances and restructuring opportunities; and

  • Routinize the consideration and practice of strategic alliances and restructuring as an important option for nonprofit leaders, boards, and funders.